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The USA is not the only one with Grand Canyon. Did you know that Aussie too has one of its own? The other Grand Canyon.  It’s not the same, though. Blue Mountains Canyon is far greener and has charming additions, such as breathtaking waterfalls and amazing wildlife. So, when a visit to this marvelous place was mentioned by my friends, I had no second thought. I knew that there would be a lot of hiking involved and that in some moments it would be difficult, but I had a hunch it will be worthwhile. And boy, was I right. This little adventure became one of my favorite day trips, and I’ll tell you why.

Perfect from the Very Start


From the moment we’ve started arranging the trip, everything went smoothly. The proximity of Sydney makes this place easy to reach. Still, it all seemed as one great adventure waiting to happen. Every one of us heading to Blue Mountain day trip got a koala toy as a gift. I thought that was adorable and it additionally made my day. The bumpy drive up the mountain past Katoomba leads us to the beginning of the track. The starting spot is rather easy to find. As soon as we parked, we entered some bushland directly from the parking and followed the trail towards the Canyon.

Adventure, Here We Come!


Once we saw the trail, I was excited like a little kid. A couple of my friends weren’t so happy about the hours of hiking, but when we started, everything was easier. I think nature sceneries such as these inject you with a great amount of energy. As we went further down the trail, the surroundings were becoming even greener. I had to hold my breath when I saw the amazing overhangs and sandstone rock formations. I remember thinking “This is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve witnessed”.


We were pleasantly surprised upon discovering that it only gets better. In about thirty minutes from that, we’ve reached one of the many waterfalls on the trail (from tiny trickles that spills over rocks to high missing sheets of water), and it was amazing. On one part of the track, we were actually going under a small waterfall. Speaking of walking under or through something, we also had to walk through sandstone tunnel. The going up part was somewhat exhausting, but the adventure isn’t made only of the easy and beautiful things. No matter the ache in the legs and the tiredness, once we reached the end of the trail, after about 3 and half hours of walking, we could simply hear the “Eye of the Tiger” in our ears. Yes, we’ve made it!


The bottom line is that I would go again and that from that moment I’m convincing my friends and all the people I know to do the same. And don’t just go on hiking in the Blue Mountains. Visit other sights nearby, such as Featherdale Wildlife Park, to cuddle koalas, wombats, and Tassie Devils, but do that before hiking. You’ll be too tired afterward. I know we were. Later we just went to have some delicious meal in Blue Mountain restaurant. To compensate for all the things I’ve missed, I’m going again. When are you starting your adventure?

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