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SE Asia Media 

Having lived here in SE Asia and for more than a year now in Thailand, it almost seems like you get desensitized to the level of gore that is displayed around here. With the shooting and the violence back in the United States this morning, it reminded me of the things that are different on this side of the world.So in today’s post, I am going to talk about something other than travel, but, in a way, it is still related. We will be looking at the media and some points of difference here and in the US when it comes to how this gore is feed to the consumer.

  1. Many countries here suppress what journalist can report.
  2. Turn on the t.v. here and depending on the country, you get either, no real news, watered down or lies or the other end everything with no context to history on a global scale.
  3. Social Media, ie, Facebook and the like is no less crazy. The thing is they don’t block the crazy like they do in the US, for example in Thailand people put gore all over their Facebook feeds.
  4. It’s not unusual to see a dead body, no pixilated out, just gore in Thailand
  5. China has full control of all media, so there is no even pretending to have freedom of the press.
  6. Newspapers are still popular in Asia, sadly the gore is in these pages as well.

Netherlands-4456 - Westerkerk (Western Church)

Western Media

  1. Newspapers are on the decline, digital editions are the normal now
  2. News broadcasts are for the most part not censured
  3. Social media is geared to inform here
  4. The sad part about the US is that until you travel you have no idea how sheltered you are when it comes to tv violence
  5. Usually, the live reporters in the West do not worry about their safety like in other areas where they can be hurt or killed for giving the full picture.

I think that all around the world the reporter should be protected because they are the first line of defense for you personal freedom f speech, liberty and justice.As always be safe.

Here is a link to the CNN story about Virgina shooting this morning, sad really. My prayers go out to their loved ones.

CNN Report

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