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To truly travel like I do you need a small but their budget 500 to 1,000 US a month. I usually when I am going to a new country far-flung I book the airfare 3 to 6 months in advance. You will save lots of money this way. Hostels are another way to save money, again reserve your spot early, and globally most hostels are looking for warm bodies with cash, they don’t care about age. Just look on the booking site or call first.So I will give you guys a few tips here on how I save money

Being an American, We tend to take things for granted until we see things for our selfs but that can be said about any person. The point is you are an example of your nation to other people that may never have seen a person from your country, always be on your best behavior.

  1. Book 3 -6 months ahead
  2. Hostels or guesthouses instead of hotels, plus you get a meal included usually
  3. Airfare is way cheaper if flying to hub airports, also book early
  4. Eat where the locals eat, much cheaper and its a great way to network
  5. Rent a local flat with 2 or 3 friends to save money
  6. If you can go with 2 people at least when out in a different country. Safety first.
  7. Do your research before you go there, don’t want to get in trouble for something
  8. Most places in the middle east and Asia expect you to haggle on price, do go cheaper
  9. Try to always know your local Embassy number and location, will pay off if something happens.
  10. And on that note, look out for people over charging
  11. Be ready for culture shock, the less you have been around the country in questions people and customs the less you will be prepared for it.
  12. Make backup copies of everything, passport, every page, insurance
  13. Sadly in a lot of places, you will see corruption, fact of life, keep a little something for you to get out these bad spots.
  14. Try and have health insurance before you go that covers the countries you will be in.
  15. Finally get your money exchanged at the airport for good rates

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