Travel Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

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 Secrets Revealed

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There are many things that travelers learn along the way. The old adage wishes I knew that a year ago always seems to hold true.Whether you are looking for a few tips to you started or you are a travel pro that just wants a little more knowledge, We will show you a few useful tips that will make that travel bug in you want to pack now. Let’s break it down into groups for each type of traveler.



  • Get a pack that is adjusted for your height and weight. Go to a north face or a specialty shop that can fit you at the store with demo packs.
  • When packing for the first time .lay out what you want to bring, cut that in half. Basically, think about how much that will weigh as your walking around Europe.
  • Toilet paper, bring it.
  • Solar charger for your electronics, dirt cheap these days, get one.
  • You would never think about this one, needle, and thread, you WILL need these.
  • Wind up a flashlight and emergency radio and beacon.

Rainy Day Business

Business Travelers:

  • Book your flights at least a week out if not a month, will save you from being overbooked.
  • Get travel insurance
  • Use travel apps like the ones that are in my other posts will save you time and money.
  • If you do get bumped, ask for an upgrade or a cash refund of your ticket, if they fuss, tell them you will refer them to your legal council, tends to speed the refund up.
  • Always see if your company will give you the airline miles, you will be getting a free vacation if they do.
  • Make it fun, the more you travel, the more you realize you will be sitting in airport layovers for a long time, see the city have a mini vacation out of it.

And this one is for Families

Family Photo at Glacier Point


  • As with the section above, plan ahead, there are a million sites that can give you the edge for your upcoming vacation.
  • Use your travel rewards at the hotels and shops that you travel to. Look for places that use the credit cards that you carry. You would be amazed what happens when you plan for this kind of thing. You will be that much closer to your next trip.
  • Carry a first aid kit, water, band-aids and the like. Also, carry extra food and snacks for the kids.
  • Try to learn a little bit about the locals before going there, will cut down on the chance that yu make someone mad because ya didn’t know any better.
  • Download a GPS map, like Google maps and also Google, has a new add-on for Google translate, you can trav=nslate pictures and signs on the fly now.

Solo Traveler Photo i027 by Grant Wickes

Solo Travelers:

  • Make photocopies of all your travel documents, leave them in a safe, not in your room. The front desk of a good hotel will always have a safe.
  • Carry the least amount of cash as possible, cards ok, traveler’s checks, cool, basically the less cash that you flash, the less likely you are to be robbed.
  • Load up on the travel apps will save you in a pinch, also the US embassy travelers app is a life saver.
  • Water, as a solo traveler there is no one to remind you not to drink the local water before finding out if its safe, drink bottled water and always wash your hands, be surprised how many people get sick just from being careless.
  • Don’t let the local scammers get you.If someone asks you out of the blue for something or seems to friendly in an area or country not known for that be on guard.

So there you g guys and girls, a few tips for everyone to use for that next trip. As I always say, be safe and for more fun read up on How to get around in Thailand  .

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