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The question of culture


The Bayon

Moving to Asia from a Western nation can be a big culture shock, more so than another place the level of thinking can just be totally different. I decided to write this post to look back on the 1 year that I have been in SE Asia and to show some of the things that I had to get used to when I moved here after never traveling to this region.

Culture :

  • Buddhism is 100 percent different than your traditional Christian religion. The way that it is much more in your face about being respectful to elders and others in power is refreshing and at the same time really that leads to problems, ie, why there are so many corrupt people in power all over the Asian area.
  • Also, the Asian way of respect and religion is not really focused on the person, but the betterment of all. Sadly this can lead to glaring cases of indifference here. Like when in Thailand an old woman hung herself in her front yard and people were stopping take pictures with the body. Who does that?
  • The food, you just need to go to a grocery store in Asia and see the difference in health standards, Leaving raw meat out in the open for people to put germs on, or in the restaurant, leaving eggs out in the sun all day.



  • In the west having a fully furnished apartment for rent is not the normal, in Asia that is the only way to rent. And here there is no credit check. Just pay 3 months in advance and you’re in.
  • Some countries in Asia have a great, modern transportation system, not Thailand or the surrounding countries, although, for about 3 dollars The US, you can get a cab anywhere here so that s nice.
  • Asia is family geared, meaning they live together, sometimes multiple generations together. Some places there is no such thing as personal space.
  • Health care can be dirt cheap depending on which country you are in here. Can get basic things like teeth cleaning done for 30 US.
  • Restrooms are different, most have a hole in the floor, that’s it, and no toilet place just a bucket or if you’re lucky a butt gun to wash.



  • Cost of living can swing from almost nothing to new york prices in Asia.The thing that many people that come here don’t understand is that a lot of these countries are shale we say living on a budget. And that’s everyone. So after being here a time, you will begin to understand that living with less money doesn’t mean you are worse off. Basically, the don’t judge just because people live with less.
  • Food can be cheap, warning, if you are a person with a weak tummy, you will get sick for a bit, just the way it is. Water standards are not the best in most places around Asia, so drink bottled water, not tap.
  • Electronics sadly, I was under the impression before I moved here you could get a computer or phone cheap, not true at all. Stupid really being so close to the point of origin and in some places here you pay more than if you were in us or Europe. Go figure.
  • And will remind you guys again, Do Not touch or pat people on the head here, it a holy place.

Luxury Taxes For The Rich

Government :

  • Get ideas that it will ok to say what about anyone in power here. No, warning, you will go to jail for speaking out against some countries leaders. Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get in trouble. Really, Thailand, under Military rule now, China can get deported for saying too many western ideas. And many other places are the same.
  • There is a variety of different types of power bases in Asia. Laos, for instance, is communist, Buddhist and a few of things all in one, Vietnam, well a modern communist country, better I think that Chinas version.
  • The biggest thing to remember here is respect is number one. If you appear to honor and get respect t the cops or whoever, you will have a great time here.

And finally, you see that unlike Europe or the US, you need to have a little more respect here. Check out my newst post Hostels-vs-Airbnb Have fun and be safe.

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