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Going to Mexico as an American is kind of a right of passing in our culture, even more so if you are from the south. But with all the drug wars and the fallout that has happened because of the cartels, people tend to stay away. Well, I’m here to say that Mexico is a great place to see and yu can learn many new and wonderful things if take the correct measures to have a safe and fun adventure there.So there are many ways to have a great time in old Mexico, the easy and I call it the lazy way is to head to Tijuana, Mexico.

So here is my guide to having a safe easy trip to a crazy, in your face part of Mexico.



  • Plan ahead, Have the consulate numbers for the US ready.
  • Fastest way in from Us is to just go to San Diego
  • Downtown San Deigo, hop a light rail train to the border
  • Walk across the border, remember, there are hustlers waiting, just ignore that crap, will save you the hassle later, ah and there are pay toilets on the other side of the Tijuana side so don’t be shocked if some thug looking dude is like yu have to pay to poo.
  • Get your normal going to a different country shot, never know.
  • There are many apps on android that can help you with directions, translate and even with cops.

Tijuana, Mexico


  • Book your stay at a well knows the place, best to use a booking site.
  • Drink filtered water, cause as you know, going to a forgiven country, here is even more true can and will here give you the craps, so No ice cube, no tap water.
  • Beer is cook and dirt cheap at 25 cents US.
  • Party at any of the tourist clubs in the party zone, best to stick to this area at night, safe as the cops are here and the gangs will only try to hustle you do not kill you here.
  • Stay away from the drugs, will end in jail or death.
  • You can do the ladies of the night if you with, they are plenty, just remember to go to a separate hotel from your own, Never bring lots of cash
  • Keep your belongings in a safe away from your room and Never flash cash, makes you an easy target for robbing.
  • Remember, Cops are corrupt here, very dirty, they will try to shake you down for money or if you are broke toss in you in jail till your family pays. Do not give them a reason to get you.
  • If you are into kinky stuff there are many places to see the well-known donkey show, ask around its here. As well as, remember you’re in Mexico, the cockfights and they have one of the best bullfighting rings in North America.
  • I almost forgot because it seems like a no-brainer, food, one of the best parts of coming here is the best tasting Mexican food I have ever tried in the world right here in Tijuana.

So as you can see there are many many things to do in Tijuana, just don’t act like a dumbass and you will be fine. Remember to be safe and have fun.

Photo by Christian Frausto Bernal

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