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Snotty reception

I was going to write about moving to Thailand this week, but after getting a nasty letter from an expat about a comment I posted on Facebook, I decided to write about asshole Expats.

I don’t know what it is, have you ever ran into someone from back home, the guy that is the nicest fellow, but as soon as he is, free from his normal social bonds he turns into a complete asshat? I would love to know why. Today I am going to talk about the stigma that we as expats have to deal with because of a few bad apples.

Expats on the beach

Depending on where you are in your journey as an expat, i.e. location, you can run across some nasty people. I for one hate that when someone finds out that I travel all the time, the first thing out of their mouth is some smart ass comment.Makes me wonder. Are people jealous of those that aren’t chained to a life in one place? The answer is a simple probably.Let’s list some of the things that get thrown at us and I will commingle some digital nomad points as well because a lot of the time this two group can and are one in the same.

Myth :

  1. Expats don’t contribute to the local system.
  2. Digital Nomads don’t deserve to get treated as a viable money asset.
  3. Expats have money so it ok to charge them more or to outright rip them off.
  4. It’s ok as an expat to be a rude and unsociable person when away from those who normally keep me from being this way.
  5. Expats are eco-refugees and that’s why they are always traveling.

Reality :

  1. Expats can and do contribute to the local economy, weather as a made that rents a space in a shop to do their work, which pays for someone’s family to eat or the guy that can get a work permit and pays taxes. For me personally, I would love to pay taxes on my online work, IF I did any in that country, if I was then given the same access to public resources as a guy with a work permit is given now.
  2. Digital Nomads, in say Chiang Mai, Thailand, are one of the larger groups in SE Asia simply because even with the hostile attitude towards them this location turns a blind eye to them. Which means they stay longer, buying things, adding money to the locals, which makes you wonder, if they help out why do they still get targeted and deported.
  3. My biggest grip as a nomad and expat is always being sized up to be ripped off because they thieves know that most governments don’t have an expat or even unspoken expand visa, which gives these people an unrestricted ability to gorge us. Simple, we complain, then our jobs and source of income pop up, so we keep things quite.
  4. Then there is the ugly side of being an expat, the guys that have the, I better than others because I don’t work in an office, or because I am from a western country. My thoughts are, you’re screwing the rest of us over because you left a bad taste in these locals minds and now we pay the price. Stop being an asshole.
  5. I was called an economic refugee today online, why because I dared to point out a local Thai restaurant that was serving shitty food and charging over the top prices. No I and most other expats that travel for a living have either a job or business online or a pension.

Idols - Daibutsu at Kamakura

Finally, I just want to say help us make the world a better place by changing people’s minds about us by setting a positive example. As always be safe and have fun.

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