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Government Obstacles

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Update 2017 – Thai Government is floating the idea again of making a Digital Nomad Visa for 5000 Baht.

If you’re like me, you are a travel blogger and copywriter, fill in your choice. The point is, Thailand has no love for those who want to come here legally and work while running their online business. The old bullshit reasons don t fly anymore. Thailand is becoming a tech hub and it is sad that the government refuses to take this issue and get a visa plan worked out. Today we will talk about the ways to stay here and the reasons the government won’t budge.

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Digital Nomad:

  • Thai Government classifies anyone that works online with a tourist Visa illegal.
  • A person that just runs a few emails while on vacation and the like is legally still breaking the law.
  • Watch out when working at a co-ops/office share type place, the police deem this as working.

Sticky points:

  • No visa exists for an online business
  • Best get a school visa, ie learn that to stay long term.
  • Get a company started to have a physical location, gets you a business visa.
  • Work at an NGO, t his will get you a business visa as well
  • Thailand seems to think if they give made visas, sex tourist will pose as nomads to get a yearly visa.
  • If you get arrested for working online you will get deported as if you were a drug dealer, sad.
  • Local lawyers say your best bet is to keep up on the local laws, stay away from the rent an office place and try getting a different visa.

As you can see here and now it seem that this country is stuck in the 1990s when it comes to tech visas. Maybe try a friendlier play he that understands people don’t all work 9 to 5. As usual, have fun and be safe out there.

And here is a site to get help on this subject.

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