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The Goldern Ticket

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The recent amount of rejections that seem to be popping up on ThaiVisa forums is got me thinking. So I guess what seems to be happening is because s the Thai government is making a real push get people not to stay long term on a tourism visa. But for me, a guy that is retired at 32 on a medical pension, we are screwed. There is no correct visa type, all of the other visas do not apply to my type of life. And I am not the only one in this type of hard spot. They can’t shit can me and tell me not to return because I have a guaranteed money source for life, no they are just trying to tell us that follow the law to fuck off and they are doing that by tightening the laws.

Thai Visa photo
Photo by zhaffsky

So here is what the gov is doing to fuck you the legal long term stayer over,

  1. Only 3 SETV ( Single) Per year
  2. METV ( GOOD FOR 90 DAYS )

A. Only allowed to receive in Your home country

B. Need 7,000 USD in the bank for 6 months with statements to back it up.

C. Need a home country work permit, showing you are employed the whole time you plan on being in Thailand.

  1. No more 2 or 3 entry stamp visas

Remember :

And to make it even better, now as of yesterday, they new laws about overstay came out. If you overstay even 1 day you can be blacklisted for 1 year and up.

Long story short this current government is killing tourism by only targeting China. What happens when their countries economy tanks. Your betting on one horse and you will lose. Until this stops, I think other countries will see a big upswing.

Moral of the story, be on the lookout here, Thailand tourism is in freefall.

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