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A lot of companies promote team building programs, such as sailing, as it determines strong points in one’s personality.  Strong points, such as leadership and management skills, that employees can use to help improve their craft.

Team buildings can be beneficial not only to the employees but to the employers as well. During sailing activities, employees will have the chance for their strengths to be rewarded and highlighted. And with employees performing their best, employers will have more efficient workers and therefore more tasks completed properly.


If you are wondering how sailing can help make your team building a success, then read on to the next paragraphs:


     1.It facilitates the whole activity –

Sailing has all the materials and services that you need to conduct your team building onboard. Staff and crew can even assist you in case there’s a need for more personnel to help you with the tools that you need. All you have to do is inform the captain and the staff of your plans so they can provide you the right instructions and guidelines.

  1. To motivate participants –

While the team is onboard, each participant will be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas on how to best win every challenge. Sailing activities are designed so members will be more confident to showcase their skills and to take on new tasks.

  1. To promote creativity

Since the employees are no longer in their comfort zones, they will need to think of new ways on how to handle tasks and challenges. Exposing them to new experiences, like sailing, will let them think outside of their common office routine. New experiences can ignite fresh ideas, resourcefulness, as well as creativity, which are qualities that you would want them to bring back to their workplace.

  1. To enhance crisis management skills-

Unlike in an office, sailing in a yacht will allow you to see how employees work when in an uncontrolled environment. Sailing activities will require participants to work together in able to solve problems, such as strong waves or changing weather conditions. Members should be able to determine when a problem arises and know how to handle it properly.

  1. To build trust and unity

Team building activities will increase the trust between the participants. With various sailing exercises that you can do onboard, you can give all team members the opportunity to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss or a newbie. This can instantly have a great effect on employee morale.


For more details about sailing activities for team building events, be sure to contact Keppel Bay Sailing Academy. They have the experience and support that you need to make your corporate event hassle-free and enjoyable. Visit their website for more details.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and make a purchase, Grizzled Nomad will receive a small commission.

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