Cambodia’s Best Hostels

Backpackers dilemma For years, backpacking has been the most wallet-friendly solution for people who want to visit Cambodia, but do not have the means to stay at swanky five-star hotels, of course, this is when the realm of the Hostel kicks in and what awesome places they can be.  So after our three months traveling […]

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The Great Debate I know I am always advocating to go the hostel route over the hotel scene. But it occurred to me why not Airbnb. So after a little research and weighing the pros and cons I came up with a list of which I would choose and why. Hostel Pros: Cheap bunk in a […]

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Travel Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

 Secrets Revealed   There are many things that travelers learn along the way. The old adage wishes I knew that a year ago always seems to hold true.Whether you are looking for a few tips to you started or you are a travel pro that just wants a little more knowledge, We will show you a […]

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