Thai buffets , a deeper look

Thai Buffets When we as westerners go to the buffet or even think about going, we think, sit, go in line, and eat. Well, I’m here to tell you that Thai buffets are not the same and we explored that in my post on 10 Helpful Tips For Thai Buffets. But today I am just going […]

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The Adventure Begins So I know that most people in America today see that our collective guts are expanding. After moving to Thailand 11 months ago I started to see that I was losing weight just by changing my food intake. So here I will give you a step by step Guide how I went […]

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One year In Thailand : Cheap cuisine

 Cheap Eats   After living here in Thailand for 1 yr plus now I decided that I would start a series on the different aspects of life as a farang. At this point, there is not a specific amount of pieces to be written so kick back and enjoy what it’s like to live in […]

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