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Hawaii has always been a vacation destination of choice for families and singles alike.

Whether you’re looking for the standard family vacation package or the more adventurous jungle trek, the Hawaii Island or Honolulu has you covered.

Honolulu’s summertime fun

Get started on your adventure with a quick trip to Honolulu to experience the magical sandy beaches. They have been drawing families to its shores for generations. Learn the art of surfing in a group environment, or on individual instructor-student bases.You may want to rent your boards early in the day for more abundance.

Want a guy’s day trip? Head to Honolulu Marina. Here you can book a deep-sea fishing charter in some of the best sport fishing waters globally.

Honolulu also offers scuba diving, snorkeling and encounters with wildlife, in a family friendly setting.

Or take the kids and head to the Honolulu Zoo for a quick day trip. See native animals and plants indigenous only the islands.


Before leaving, see the Kingdom of Hawaii’s history up close. Take a tour of the only Royal Palace in the United States. The still pristine Palace was last used as a royal home in 1898, will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

If you would like to see Honolulu as a local, you can take the excellent public transit system. A city tourists pass will allow you full access to the bus system for you and your family.

Remember to add a luau to your trip. You won’t soon forget native Hawaiin’s performing their native dance. This can be accomplished in a lot of places in Honolulu by going to a larger hotel that has pre-planned luaus.


Hawaii Island Vulcano Adventure

Hawaii photo

As a second leg of the trip, head over to the Honolulu International Airport and catch a short plane ride to the Big Island, Hawaii Island.

Hang gliding over the ocean on a clear day offers a view you won’t so forget. Also, try to book the Ski-Doos as part of your hotel package. Later in this pristine tropical environment, you can see many active volcanoes up close in group tour package. Seeing an active volcano spewing lava will make memories for a lifetime.

For the thrill junkies, book a private helicopter ride and see even more volcanoes up close.

Key Point to remember when coming to Hawaii, as a tourist destination it is going to be more expensive than your normal vacation. Please keep this in mind when planning your costs.

Ask your travel agent to book several months ahead, if you want the best rates. Heading to Hawaii during the summer is the state’s most active period.

If heading out from LA or other flight hubs, you may wish to fly Hawaii Airlines. Flights can be snagged for as low as 200 USD per person round trip.

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