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Summer is finally here, and if you’re planning your perfect vacation – welcome to the club! Just stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn how to come up with perfect summer outfits and makeup looks – here are four useful tips on how to accomplish that like a pro!


Double-duty items are an absolute must

When it comes to simple yet really effective summer combos, double-duty items are an absolute must simply because of their versatility. Ladies definitely know that, which is why they’re able to come up with several unique outfits that feature the same clothing item. That’s exactly why you need to make sure that almost every piece you want to bring fulfills two main criteria – that it can be worn to a daily walk, and later on transformed into an item appropriate for a night out by adding a fancy blazer or a stylish piece of jewelry.


Always pick lightweight fabrics

Wearing your favorite pair of jeans is okay, but you don’t really want such heavy fabric on your body when the sun hits hard, right? You should forget about denim and similar thick materials as soon as high temperatures start kicking in since these will make you feel really uncomfortable. Instead, pick some lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, and even silk – these will allow your skin to breathe and your body to move freely. Just make sure to pack a small, travel-size iron, too, because all of these can easily get wrinkled!


Be careful with the accessories

Summer is all about bling and bright colors, and the fact is that you can easily get carried away thanks to all those beautiful prints, patterns, and gorgeous jewelry. However, you should definitely think everything through before packing since carrying loads of accessories is what you should stay away from – especially because these can be really heavy, which can result in paying additional airport taxes. Instead of that, you should bring some versatile pieces, such as long necklaces with statement pendants, long crystal earrings, and some simpler items, like delicate rings and studded earrings.Be sure that your jewelry is enough so that you can wear it both during the day with a light floral dress and during chilly summer evenings with a denim jacket and some of your favorite ladies tops.


Don’t forget your favorite highlighter

If blinding glow is the first thing that comes across your mind when someone mentions summer, we understand you completely! There is no better time for trying out new highlighting products than right now, so do your homework and find out what’s hot on the market these days. You may already know that contouring is no longer a thing, and that strobing took its place as the most popular makeup technique. It’s basically contouring with a highlighter, in order to get that dewy, shimmery, glow-from-within kind of a look. As for the products, you can always go for Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sun Dipped Glow Kit which offers four fantastic shades you’ll absolutely love. On the other hand, if that’s too pricey, you should definitely go for Sleek Makeup’s Solstice Highlighting Palette. It’s equally stunning, yet much more affordable. Here’s a little tip: don’t forget to highlight your shoulders and collarbones for a much better visual effect!


As you can see, coming up with your perfect summer combos doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. All you have to do is to stick to our tips because one of the best ways to avoid over-packing is bringing some versatile pieces that can work perfectly in both day and night combos. Don’t forget to bring your favorite highlighter, too, since this product is absolutely inevitable when it comes to summer. When that’s done, the only thing left is to zip your suitcase and your vacation can start!

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