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Home Coming

I got to thinking the other day about heading back to us after being gone for, what will be 2 years in July.I have lived for so long in Asia around nonwhites and nonblacks, that I wonder what it will be like to hear r and b music or rap music againI miss a lot of things about where I come from.I lived most of my adult life in Seattle after growing up in Texas, the standards there very different.

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Living in a foreign country for the last almost two years has opened my eyes.I knew growing up that there were places where it sucked worse than my life, the way I lived, but when you come to see it in person you get a better understanding of the suffering that the world endures. In SEA, citizens .you see country by country the different ways the government their citizens.Some do not know that they are living in poor surroundings, due to their suppression of media or they may be a female that lives in a country that a has little or no value for them as a person .

As my two years end and I return to the united states after not being there almost three years , the mainland that is , I was in Honolulu for almost a year before Asia , and even there , it’s a messed up place if you get away from the tourist areas . Anyways the points are that we as western persons that tend to have a better-living standard then-then other 80 percent of the world , it got me thinking , what will it be like trying to readjust to living in a free country again.Granted I will only be there six months and then back to Asia I go,b ut the point is the changes that have taken hold when I was gone.

As it was before

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When I left the United States ,the economy was in the crapper, the way people treated me in Seattle where I live when in country was changing , I don’t know if the type of city that I left will be the same and I am hoping that’s not true, because Seattle was turning into a downtown full of drugs and hookers . I bring this up because when you are in Asia, these things are here , yes but they are hidden from view , there is a false sense of piece here , little police presence in Thailand , the crimes are more messed up here because of the drugs but I don’t know I feels safe to certain degree here.To tell the truth, Being from the southern united states and living large chunk of my adult life in the north-west I grew up in a multi-cultured centredworld . the culture shock for me when I came to Asia was not that strong because I grew up in a family with step mom and sister that are Asian, But to really get my feet wet I still sometimes miss the chaos and craziness that I saw when I was back home.None Asians are rare here, as a white guy I still even after almost two years get the looks, a nd with my Thai girlfriend , people like in the southern united states years ago look down on her more than me. But the lack of blacks is what seems to makes Asia kind of blank , the culture that blacks from all walks of life bring is not here .

That Weird feeling of Deja Vu

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I feel like when I head home to the states , all the people that I knew will be gone, I will be starting from scratch , My question is how do you deal with this , those that have a long term stay outside your home country , For me really the main reason to go back is family, with older relatives passing on now it seems a good time to see them. And I miss the food , even the buses, and trains in Seattle , the culture.

So I will end this with a question , in the comments section leave me a message, tell me how you found your way back into the fold  once you were gone for years . Also please share and like our facebook page. Is was a more personal posting then usually, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the site.

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