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The sad lingerings of the past

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I don’t usually dive into the news on this site but being an American, I feel with all the bad press lately we should clear the air. Being from the southern US, makes it double the issue. The long history of race and violence. Today I will give a brief Bio from an insider standpoint and the things that a global traveler should look out for, I guess as they say as to not to step on any toes.


  • Africans brought as slaves to America to farm, the 1700s
  • Civil War ends slavery
  • Segregation ends the 1960s

Race-based History

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Race in America

Now with a brief glimpse into why the black Americans are on edge, here are facts. The world views the race problems as Americas alone. Not true, as the world grows people of different cultures will mix and have the same race problems. Points are that the world we live in.

Things to know

  • Don’t use race-based insults
  • Stay away from trouble spots
  • Follow the laws and you won’t have trouble with the police

This is the basic stuff that like they say forewarned for armed, be polite and you will be fine in America. And so as always have fun and be safe. Remember to read our other posts on travel like TRAVELING ON A NOODLE BUDGET

If you would like to learn more here is a few links


Race and ethnicity in the United_States

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2 Responses

  1. Scott

    It’s sad how far we seemed to have come – only to show the world we haven’t come as far as we thought. This last election cycle really brought the sides of the argument to the forefront. I’ve lost MANY friends this year over politics…..and it all comes down to race, race relations, and how we treat each other.

    Interesting read, thanks!


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