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 Cheap Eats


After living here in Thailand for 1 yr plus now I decided that I would start a series on the different aspects of life as a farang. At this point, there is not a specific amount of pieces to be written so kick back and enjoy what it’s like to live in the land of smiles. And by the way, these are my thoughts, so no complaints you guys. Anyways I am going kick this off with a little piece on cheap, tasty, but not always healthy for you street and cheap restaurant food. You would be surprised what you can get in Thailand as a complete meal if you just look around.


The way that Thai people view food as the part family affair, part on the going view, gives the ways and cost of food in this country a standout appeal that many others would be or should be following. For Example, When you first come here and settle, not as a tourist, but settle in, you will notice that when you enter Thai friends home the fridge is small, their cooking area is away from the rest of the house and they may or may not have a stove or hot plate.


Thai food photo

Living in a traditional Thai home has its challenges when cooking is concerned. The types of food eaten here call for the cook to prep outside, so a kitchen is detached sometimes, because who wants to smell fish grease smell or deranged smell. Also, They reason that a lot of places don’t have kitchens in the traditional western sense is because as you see everyone uses motorbikes, which can’t carry a full load like a car, so no grocery shopping for the week like back home.As well in Thailand, I am positive that part of the reason that Thais eat out so much is just to be out and seen, to be social, Locals here seem to be very social. Which leads back to food stalls and restaurants here. Like I said earlier, you can get some of the tastiest and cheapest food outside of Vietnam here.

Food Nirvana

Thai food photo

Photo by mimolag

Food Stalls/Night Markets

  • The first thing you see when looking for a stall or vendor here is the meat on the stick guys.Although I was scared to eat the food at first, you see any good vendor keeps the food on ice until cooked and the flys at bay.
  • There are so many different types of food stalls, out of the back of a truck, off the side of a motorbike, the Thai always find a way to make a buck.
  • There are fish, soup, spicy, burgers, basically, anything you want.
  • Go for a vendor that has the license if you are worried about being clean, and if there is a big line, that means that the food is good and they are established within the community.
  • Remember the first few times you eat street food, you will get the poos, happens like in any country.


Cheap Roadside Restaurants

  • Like food stalls, these places are basically a brick and mortar version.
  • Most are cheap, family owned and the family lives upstairs.
  • Fish will be on the menu, if you have allergens, beware.
  • Water and drinks are there, many get confused as to why in many places they are not served drinks, you need to find the metal cups and next to that will be an ice bucket and free water.
  • Side note doesn’t trust a tuk-tuk driver to show you a good deal on food, go where a local would go.

Everything I showed in the pictures is from the food I have eaten here over the last year, as well as the fact that these dishes were all under 2 dollars American, most at 1 dollar. So like always, have fun and explore your new found country. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try new things.Also, read our new post

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