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As a global traveler, I know how people love Netflix,  now you guys love to chill and bing watches your fav Netflix shows. But as we all know that outside of the USA and few other countries you would need a VPN to view.

netflix photo

Photo by Wesley Fryer

Well, finally the fine people at Netflix have brought for your viewing pleasure, Netflix to 130 more countries. I signed up on the 1st day here in Thailand. the standard 1 month free is there. So I will break down the pro and cons of the new global service,

Pros :

  1. No more VPN
  2. Up to 4 devices connected at once
  3. local conversion, no need us cards now
  4. you can start a fresh list with fav programs
  5. can stream on pretty much and device


  1. 350 baht a month for 2 devices or 280 for 1, or 450 for 4.
  2. mostly old content, low amounts of movies right now
  3. certain movies available in us will never be available in some places due to censures
  4. only seems to be in English at the moment
  5. Data hog

So long story short, let the binge watching begin! Remember to share and see our latest post like TIJUANA, MEXICO THE LAZY MANS WAY

Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

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