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Expats choose to move to a foreign country and set it as their home, at least for the time being, which could end up being anything from a couple of years, to a life-long experience.
In order to become an expat, one cannot move to another country just like that. This is why we’ve come up with 5 tips on how to properly, easily and seamlessly become an expat.

Find Contacts in the Target Country

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Before actually moving to a country, for whatever reason – be it a new job, or simply out of falling in love with a particular country, you should always have someone to rely on, even if they’re not your close friends (although this is more than convenient). This has been made available with the growth of the world of Internet – nowadays, you can contact almost anyone throughout the globe.

This is where friends and family members kick in – ask them if they know anyone living in your desired country. It would be a lot easier if your family had a cultural attachment to the target region – this way, you could trace your origin decades back and in addition to finding someone to rely on, getting to know a bit more with regards to your ancestry.

Language Barriers


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It is manifold easier for an American to move to England, than it is for an Italian to move to Asia. The language barrier is something that comes in addition to the cultural barrier and can, in fact turn out quite unsatisfactory and even dangerous. With this in mind, English and German languages intertwine at multiple spots, sharing many similar or identical words, so if you’re simply thinking of becoming an expatriate, regardless of the location, choose a country with a language similar to that of your home country.

Cultural Barriers


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Italy, even though it might sound perfect for a party-going resident of New York, might not turn out that great, particularly if villages is what you aim for. On the other hand, Asia has a ton of beautiful scenery to offer and, even if it might not seem so, could turn out great for a conservative Londoner. It all depends on the equation of what type of a person you are and what you’re looking for in a country.

If you don’t fret too much about human contact, you can pick your country based on geography. If this is not the case, well, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into the target country’s culture.


Being an expatriate varies in terms of what you’re doing out there. If you are planning on living in a city, you can easily find information online. However, expat forums are the way to go, when it comes to specific details – something you definitely don’t want to look over. Additionally, many expats engage in house flipping, seeing as how this can be done in whatever country you choose as your destination.


Weather plays a key role in choosing a place to stay for an amount of time. Another important factor when it comes to choosing where to go is culture. These two factors often work together and usually end up either beneficial or non-complementary for a person.

Choosing where you’re going to spend a significant amount of time is something that can either do you a world of wonders, or end up disappointing you. After all, expatriation is not tourism.

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