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Our trip to the Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai began early in the morning. We heading from our home to the airport to get a red truck. These are parked next to the University of Chiang Mai and head to many places. Was about a 1 hr ride in a packed truck for 40 baht each. But sadly we were lied to as seems to be regular here. no second truck went directly up to the base camp. We found that if you want to the elephants that you need to get a local motorcycle taxi to putt up that mountain.Once we got to the entrance, I come to find out that there is a steep price, but on the flip side, they charge everyone the same, which as many of us know, there is allows 2 prices here.


Anyways after paying 300 baht each, we entered and down in the camp. When you get to the stop there sits a river where before the show starts the trainers take the elephants to bath and spray water on you. they seem to be happiest here were the trainers let then just be. We got our picture taken with one and I can say being next and being touched by one of these guys is like no other. You can tell that the boy, he was smart and was wanting some of the snacks we buy to feed him.


Anyways after a little walking around on the out. People will need the space, understood. the shops, ie, the tourist trap, we head to the bowl area where the seating show is. The thing you have to know is I was kinda sad because these animals are chained, at least, the big ones are. Which makes me sad. I understand that in modern times in a developing country, elephants and the like are on the out, with people pushing for more land and I see what happens. In the end, without these camps, the elephants would just be gone and I think that would be worse. Anyways back to the camp.


The show starts with all the stars coming out, doing tricks with rings. Then the trainers get on them and do tricks with balls and hula hoops. Basically for the next hours or so you see that these guys are smart and love to be happy just like you.


To me, the best part was at the end when the elephants compete against each other for snacks to see who is the better painter. Yes, I know that it is a gimmick, but to watch them, some seem truly concentrating on making the best product they can and so were for a nonhuman, simply put, wow, there awesome. After, the tourist is allowed to pay extra to come down and pet the elephants and buy the paintings just made. One other thing, if you like they also have ridden into the forest. Think it’s a day trip or something.So that was really the end. Anyways hope you guys go and see these magic creatures of the forest.


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Here is the info to get there:

Rte 1096 , Mae Sa Valley & Samoeng , Thailand
+66 5320 6247
shows adult/child  200/100B
ride for 2 people 800BOpening

Opening hours shows

8am, 9.40am & 1.30pm

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