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The Great Debate


I know I am always advocating to go the hostel route over the hotel scene. But it occurred to me why not Airbnb. So after a little research and weighing the pros and cons I came up with a list of which I would choose and why.

Hostel Pros:

  1. Cheap bunk in a room
  2. Free breakfast and sometimes free beer.
  3. Some places to save money you can clean in the mornings for your room and board the next day.
  4. Close to all the attractions.
  5. Can just show up without booking

Hostel Cons:

  1. People can steal your stuff when you’re not around.
  2. Loud parties, drunk college students.
  3. Have to share the restrooms.
  4. communal kitchen
  5. Sometimes located in far flung locations

Airbnb Pros:

  1. Book online, verified owners, see the place online before hand.
  2. Use of a whole apt with some bookings
  3. Just you, big selling point.
  4. Can choose any part of the city you want
  5. Is about the cost of a double bed in a hostel.

Airbnb Cons:

  1. Even thought the Host may be-be verified, doesn’t mean they are not shady.
  2. You never know if the place is clean as advertised.
  3. In some countries, Airbnb is illegal still.
  4. Dealing with a private person, not a business.
  5. The language barrier, Host may not speak a universal language.

As you see there are many positives to both and negatives. I suggest just using your best judgment. Sometimes it can be better to use a mix of both allowing you to move from city to city without the hassle of finding a room somewhere.

So as always until next time have fun and be safe.

Here are a few sites web pages to get you started


Hostel Listings

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