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The Slow Ride

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Anyone who likes to travel cheap knows that riding the bus can be a great way to save on the long trip or the short day trips. In the United States, the country has for all intents and purposes, one major bus transport, Greyhound.They have the market on all buses in the USA and Canada. They are even in Mexico and the UK.So when you travel to us and want to see the country and get out walk around this is the way to go.Today I am going to talk about the pros and cons of riding the bus versus taking a flight.

greyhound bus photo
Photo by Elvert Barnes

Pro :

  • Cost: When you ride the bus you can usually on the spot get a ticket for half of what it cost to fly to many places in the United States
  • You can get for 500 USD a mulita city bus pass that allows you to ride gray hound all over the country for 6 months, anywhere.
  • You can buy your tickets at 7/11 on the phone, online or at the station
  • You can get discounts that the airlines don’t offer, ie, military, old person, student.
  • Get to the see the country
  • Perfect for backpackers, you can toss your bag under the bus.
  • Can ship stuff, big stuff on the same bus you ride on
  • Many of the newer buses have Wifi and outlets in the seats and TVs on the ceilings


greyhound bus photo
Photo by dnreb


  • People steal on these buses, never fall asleep with your stuff just laying about.
  • There tends to be a lot of crazy or kind weird people, I want to even say danger
  • No food provided
  • No real security for screening the people or packages as you get on the bus.

All in all its not that bad, I rode Greyhound by myself for years in my teens and twenties and saw some crazy but exciting stuff and the people that you meet can be new connects in new places.As always if you plan ahead you can even get discounts on your discounts, so plan. Remember, be safe and have fun traveling out there.

Go Greyhound!

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