Adventure in Government marriage inefficiencies

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Learning to deal

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So today I was right about how I finished the next step in the process of getting married which was to go to type support office government complex here Chang Mai the love the paperwork and send it off takes about four days. I need this paperwork so that I can get a marriage license so that I can get my marriage visa at the end of the month when I go to Laos to get a new visa.

Unbeknownst to me because the United States government in the Thai government do not know how to properly add requirements to the literature in pamphlets or their website or other government personnel are not properly trained. I poured over everything about the marriage certificate steps to go through called people and it was never mentioned anywhere by anyone but your visa has to have at least 10 days left on.

So I and my father-in-law this morning break at 8 AM to the office to turn in paperwork the affidavit and the translated version affidavit to the passport office and was promptly told to talk off.

Apparently you have to have in your passport as a foreigner according to the Thai government which they don’t advertise anywhere that you have to have a minimum of 10 days left in your visa in order to get the paperwork completed at all and bonus you also need to have your wife or soon-to-be wife’s passport and or ID copy

Be prepared for anything

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So let me give you guys a rundown and tell you things i.e. a list of stuff that you need so that you don’t get screwed over and spend the whole day for a reason like I did.

  • You need a copy of your passport, the passport page with your picture on it and the passport number,
  • You need a copy of your current Thai visa, no matter what it is
  • you need a copy of your future spouses i.e. wife’s passport and or Federal Thai I.D.
  • You need to copies of your affidavit from your consulate or embassy
  • you need to copies of the tie translated affidavit
  • and then there will be a form that they will give you which they did give me because they told me to leave that you can get from them.
  • And then, of course, the fee and I’m not sure how much it is I think it’s 500 or thousand baht.

So anyway just wanted to let off a little steam and at the same time give you guys break down exactly what you need so you don’t run into the same problems that I have today.

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FYI, if you’re going to do this at the Chang Mai location, there is construction going on in this area of the government complex. So it might be blocked, so make sure you look for other entrances. There are three or four but the main one is being regraded.

On a different topic, there are reports, it’s about four reports now that people with visas are being expelled or deported.

At the main Bangkok airport and also the smaller airport in Bangkok because as the government workers say, the people don’t have the required 20,000 baht cash to enter. This is really to target the new theme of beggar backpackers and poor tourist.

So make sure when you come through those airports you have 20,000 baht in cash on your person . is there not to let you go to an ATM will detain you and the work you.

They will not let you go to an ATM. They will detain you and then deport you.

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