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Different ways to commute

Thai taxi photo

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The taxis everywhere, that’s the first thing you will notice when you walk through that door at BKK. Be warned scams abound. After traveling this and many other airports around Thailand, I felt it would be a good idea to give the average joe his first heads up. The problem being here before you learn to live among the Thai, you will sadly be fleeced at least once, that’s the game, that’s just the way it is. Now having said that there are many things you can do to travel the land of smiles with full money belts. Frist let me say, not all the people you meet here will be trying to get your money, so just be on the lookout.We will start out will a few pointers that can and should be used universally while in the country.

Things to remember when using transport here from BKK!

  • Tell the Taxi driver to use the meter, if he refuses, gets out.
  • To save money, take the train to the airport, get a ticket downstairs.
  • Or take a Red truck, it should be noted that a red truck should cost on average 50 percent less a taxi or tuk-tuk.
  • If there is nothing else, take a tuk-tuk, But they will charge you a lot.
  • BTW – remember, there is a special police dept just for tourist, call them anytime you need help they are here for you.


Thai taxi photo

Photo by janinge1968

Once you are settled

  • If in Chiang Mai, there is a service that can and will help you when you land, Chiang Mai Buddy. They can do anything legal under the sun, get you a bank account, rent a house, get a bike.
  • You will learn that motorbikes in Thailand, like to an extent in Vietnam, are the lifeblood of this country. Rent one asap. They are cheap, and if you go to a respected renter, they come with insurance.
  • On that note, always wear a helmet, cops here are looking to get some poor fellow and shake them down for cash.
  • Or you’re other, but a more expensive option would rent a car or truck for your stay.Also, if you plan to stay long term, Facebook that groups come in handy Because oddly, craigslist never took off here. Kinda sucks.
  • Also, you can rent a good old fashion bike.They are good at getting around the city.

Thai taxi photo

Photo by Dushan and Miae


 Public transports options

  • In Chiang Mai, the Province government has fully opened a new program to get locals and tourist around cheaper, Take a yellow truck or white truck that runs in specific directions for about 30 baths.
  • There are some city buses, but honestly, they are not as a put together as in Bangkok.
  • Trains are other options to get from Bangkok to any connecting points in Thailand and beyond. But I would not recommend it if you are female. Lots of bad stuff happen at night on them.
  • And finally the crown jewel of Asian Transport, Airplanes. Yes, they kick ass here, lots of options and cheap as anywhere, for example, 40 dollars USD can get you from BKK to Chiang Mai in 1 hour. Cheaper than a 15 block taxi in NYC.

That about wraps up this crash course on Thai transport, Remember, Be friendly, smile and you will have a great time here.Check out this new post .

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