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Traveling Fashion Guide For Women

  • How to Carry Your Money
    Bras with removable pads are great for carrying money. Just remove the pads and slip the money inside the pockets.
  • Another Tip to Carry Money
    Roll up your money and put it in a tampon tube. Not many are willing to invade such intimate privacy to find it.
  • How to Carry Earrings
    Pack your earrings in one of those lipstick carriers with the little mirror in it. This way, your earrings are easier to find.
  • Avoid Strangers
    While traveling alone, do not become too friendly to everyone for your own safety. Bring a great book and headphones with you to keep you company.
  • Another Tip to Avoid Strangers
    If you are traveling alone and do not want any company, in a train or bus, try placing a handbag, coat or jacket on the window seat and sit on the outside seat. If you are in a bar restaurant, place your coat on the back of the seat opposite to make it look as if you have company.
  • Try not to Wear Sexy Clothes
    Do not wear clothes that make you stand out. Try to stay away from anything sexy.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothes
    If you are traveling to a foreign country, be sure to check on their local customs. For example, do not travel to a Muslim country wearing hot shorts and a tank top.
  • Safety Precaution
    If you decide to rent a car, lock the doors, hide any road maps visible and remove advertising stickers on the car before driving to keep yourself safe.
  • Leave your Hotel Room Lights On
    At the hotel, try not to get a room on the main floor, do not use the stairs, leave the lights, television or radio on when you are not in the room and never expose your room key anywhere.
  • Avoid Carrying Bottles
    Cutting down on a number of bottles and cosmetics that spill is always important.
  • Bring a Sarong
    Always bring a sarong on trips. It can be used as a sheet, towel, skirt, dress, headdress, beach cover-up, curtain, etc.
  • Bring Panty Liners
    Instead of packing lots of underwear, a small box of panty liners will save lots of space.

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  • Shaving
    If you need a shave desperately and shaving cream is expensive where you happen to be, the cheapest and indeed the best is available over the counter from pharmacies – aqueous cream.
  • Easy Hairstyles for women over 60
    It’s better if have hair band and all fashion equipment that help you to make your desire hairstyle. You can visit Pinterest for more about fashion & travel tips about Hairstyles for women over 60.
  • How to Carry your Tie
    The ties from getting creased, and will even remove that annoying twist.
  • For Easier Identification
    On a crowded city street with a large tour group, carry a large patterned umbrella so that your family members can trace you easily.


Packing For Travelling for Over 50 Years Old Women

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  • First Aid Supplies
    Pack some medicine and first aid supplies to fight off colds, flu, fever, etc.
  • Bring a Pen
    Always take a pen with you. During the journey, you might need to fill in customs formulations before landing.
  • Wear a Sweater or Jacket
    You may want to wear a jacket or sweater with you instead of packing it in your suitcase. You may need it in the airplane. In fact, this can reduce the weight of your suitcase and maximize your space utilization.
  • Bring some Films
    If you are going to a popular tourist attraction, buy your film at home. This is definitely more convenient and saves cost. You might miss some beautiful spots while trying to get hold of films.
  • Plastic Bags
    Remember to bring some empty plastic bags.
  • Bring an Extra Bag
    Remember to bring an extra bag to pack your clothes for laundry.
  • Roll your Clothes
    In order to save space and avoid wrinkles, the best way is to roll your clothes.


Women Travelling With Their Children


  • Pack some Snacks
    Pack some food or snacks for your child to chew during the flight to keep them busy and comfortable.


  • Plan the Time of Flight
    When traveling with children by air, if possible book at non-peak times. This gives you a chance at a free seat for your child to stretch out and sleep.
  • Safety Precaution
    Before starting on the trip, tie one of those plastic bracelets on your children. You can place whatever information you like on a slip of paper and insert it into the bracelet to avoid losing your child.
  • Keep your Child’s Photo
    Always keep a recent photo of your child in your wallet – in case you loose them in a crowed area, and need help in locating them.
  • Wear Diapers
    When taking long road trips with younger children (6 and younger) have them wear diapers while riding in the car.
  • Go to the Bathroom before Leaving
    Make sure you have your children go to the bathroom before you leave the airport.

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