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Although this has been a practice for centuries now, the expatriate life has never been more popular than it is today. On that note, there must be a reason why many expats choose to move to this country – miles of golden beaches with tumbling surf, peaceful lakes next to live nearby and tropical jungles of diversity, but also chilly highland areas and modern urban cities are all things that make Costa Rica a crown jewel for any expatriate. As any experienced expat will tell you, however, before permanently moving to a country, a lot of research has to take place. This is why we’ve come up with a guide to expat life in Costa Rica.

Expat Friendly Locations

As we mentioned, Costa Rica has a huge variety of beautiful locations, to sink your expat teeth in, so picking the best spot is something that can’t be left to words of description. Instead, we’ve come up with a couple of locations of different types, worth exploring.

The Gold Coast


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When one thinks ‘Costa Rica’, the first things that come to mind are golden beaches, surfs and gorgeous sunsets. Well, in case of The Gold Coast, you are completely right, if you thought this. Set on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this area is perfect for anyone seeking a beach lifestyle and a warm climate. With the largest number of sunny days and the least rainfall in all of Costa Rica to offer, you are more than welcome to come here, as an expat.

The Southern Zone


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This is another name for Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast and yet another area that comes to mind when thinking of this country. Jungle-clad mountains and a steamy rain forest are merely some of unique traits that The Southern Zone has in store for you, in addition to the largest biological diversity in the country. If you are thinking ‘toucans everywhere’, you are quite right!



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Although this means ‘it’s all about the volcano’ for most tourists, as an expatriate, you can expect an unspoiled shoreline and the green field with forest on the hills, dropping to the lake dotted with homes. If you’re looking for some peace and a quiet, rural living spot, Arenal might be the perfect place for you to settle in.

The Central Valley


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Set at a relative high altitude of 3,000 feet, this plateau is lined with tall mountains which surround The Central Valley. If you’re looking for an ideal, non-moist, cool climate in  Costa Rica, you are bound to find it here.

Do not Regret Buying


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There is nothing better for an expat’s pocket than to go with a low-risk trial run. Instead of buying a home on an impulse, try renting a place for a couple of months, to see if the daily life fits your needs and requirements. Find a house in Costa Rica that seems perfect for you and rent it for an extended period. This can pay a lot of compliments to your pocket and prevent you from regretting ever moving to this truly gorgeous country. Central Valley and Arenal are full of long-term rentals, which usually come as fully-furnished and there’s a reason for this – many an experienced expat knows that trying a place out before settling in is more than a wise decision to make.

If you stick to the advice we’ve outlined, chances are you are going to enjoy living in Costa Rica. Make sure you pick an area that suits your needs and don’t forget to set your mind towards renting before buying – everything else is up to you and your lifestyle and imagination!

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