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Choice empowers people and makes for a more content workforce. One day offices will be a thing of the past. – Richard Branson

There is no doubt that the words of the most successful remote professional are the truth. Being a digital nomad is the lifestyle of the present and many people have jumped on the bandwagon before the traditional offices have disappeared.

Those people are not only earning money on the road but enjoying in discovering various places of the world, they would not normally get the chance to see. Ditching the tie and oxford shoes seems like a reasonable choice, considering that you will be able to walk barefoot on some tropical beach while still being employed. Sand or no sand, there are some cities remote professionals love more than others.

Phuket, Thailand


Phuket photo

Phuket refers to the largest island of Thailand, but also to its capital city. Without any need to dig deeper, we can point out the obvious reasons why the “Pearl of Adaman” opens this list: aquamarine lagoons, sublime white beaches and scenic sunsets over the water.

The easygoing atmosphere of the island helps nomads to cope with work-related stress (as if any stress can occur while in this paradise) and the number of potential activities (kayaking, parasailing, paddleboarding, etc.) keeps them active throughout the staying period.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City photo

Southeast Asia is bursting with its entrepreneurial spirit and Ho Chi Minh is a great depiction of that. It is very easy to find a 20 MB internet connection and the prices in the city are, generally speaking, affordable.

The city is pulsating with energy, culture, and vitality. Its contrast of timeless alleys with old temples and 21st-century skyscrapers is alluring. Marek Michalski from Life Nomading writes that accommodations in Asia can cost you several dollars while “the journey and adventure you will experience are worth a million dollars”.

Belgrade, Serbia


 Serbia photo

Too long has Serbia been known for the years of war in the 1990s, but today its capital is captivating with its confident identity and amazing nightlife. Though it surely is not one of the prettiest European capitals, Belgrade radiates with its personality.

It is here where the two rivers Sava and Danube meet and it is here where you can witness the contrast of art nouveau masterpieces, remnants of Habsburg and Ottoman legacy and socialist blocs. The internet access is of similar quality as in any other European city, so the nomads can use the encrypted cloud storage which is a necessity in this way of doing business, with no problem.

Berlin, Germany


Berlin photo

Berlin is the European capital of art, business, and politics, so there is no doubt that every nomad will manage just fine here. It is the center for entrepreneurship of Europe – from tech start-ups to creative businesses. Its combo of grit and glamor is mesmerizing and its vibrant culture, astonishing architecture, tangible history, exquisite food and intense parties will keep any nomad occupied while taking a break. Surprisingly enough, the city is very affordable. According to the words of a travel blogger Adventurous Kate: “In Berlin, you can live in Western Europe on Eastern European prices”. Also, it is very easy to find accommodation and a desk at a coworking space.

Santiago, Chile


Santiago photo

Around 40 percent of Chileans live in the capital, Santiago. It is no wonder because the City is everything it should be: cosmopolitan, sophisticated, energetic and worldly. With a growing economy, reliable infrastructure, renovated arts scene, rich culture and history, and enough eccentricity this is an old-guard city with a pinch of modern thrill in it. Furthermore, the cost of living is very low, the coastal cities are near as is the exciting Argentina.

Those were our top five cities where earning money is just the “side effect” of an amazing adventure. Who knows, maybe we have missed something. The world is too big to discover, start your journey right away and find a favorite city of your own.

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