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 Worried about Saftey

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I really usually don’t care about this kinda thing, but on the topic of death in Asia I got to thinking, seeing the way that people here treat it. So today I want to get into the Western, ie, Christian mindset on death and the Eastern mindset, ie Buddist. They both in their own way honor the dead. What got me thinking was the way that the living are treated and when and where they are valued as individuals. Now I understand that here in Thailand and in Asia in general, it’s family first then yourself and in the west it’s yourself and your family. It’s like the loudspeaker trucks that drive around in Asia blasting ads, you kinda tune them out after a while, in Europe that would be stopped right away, being viewed as noise pullsoin, here just another day. So to begin let’s talk about the Eastern mindset on death


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Eastern Mindset:

  • Asian culture teaches you from the cradle to honor your mother and father above all else. Keep the honor.
  • When you die in Asia there is a ceremony to mourn and respect given and depending on where you are, a shine to remember you are set up.
  • You are then cremated and put again depending on where to rest.
  • The individual is seen as a part of the family unit, therefore, not a single person.
  • For example in China, a person can be hit as a pedestrian by a car, the driver will run them over again to kill them because it’s cheaper to kill.
  • In Thailand on Facebook, you see people post-grime murders and rapes in graphic pictured detail and think nothing of it.
  • In public, a person here can see death, instead of feeling sorry for their loss some will take photos of the dead.
  • The ambulance services in Thailand, I can’t speak of other places, run on a competition basis after their normal pay, the first one to the scene gets the person, they take you to certain hospitals because they get rewards for the body count.
  • On television, you see men causing damage to a woman and this is seen as ok. I bring this up because this leads back to the desensitizing that people here have become.
  • So here where I live across from a mall in Chiang Mai, there is the pedestrian crosswalk, no stop lights, nothing to protect you, you have to run in traffic to cross the road, because lord knows here people will not always stop for you.


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Western Mindset:

  • In the Christian way, when you die, your body is kept intact, you are buried in the ground, which leads people in life to want to value the physical self.
  • The family unit stops when you move out, you become an individual.
  • There is not a sense of honor to the father and mother, but what takes their place is the morals that were passed down to you as a child, don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t lie.
  • In the Europe and North America, the courts and police, for the most part, are seen as a trusted service and each person understands that if you break the law you will go to prison. Or as in the above example stated, running another person over to be cheap doesn’t happen, for one simple reason, the person values themselves, so they have the understanding that if you kill someone, you will lose your freedom.
  • For example, The emergency services in most parts of the United States are paid with local or states taxes, which allows for you to get the same care anywhere, granted, in most cases you will pay the cost of the ride with your health insurance, but the fact that, say the fire department or a private company is the service provider, this means you know that you get quality care.
  • And Finally, the way men and woman in western culture view and treat each other has evolved, because yes there are and many problems still, but the senseless beating of others is not shown, or if it is there is a message about why this is bad.


I guess in the end what I find the hardest to digest even after living in Asia for over a year is the sense that as a man or woman you don’t matter at all. Sad. But times will change even here. So when you come to this side of the world keep in mind one thing, always look both ways.Be safe and have fun guys and gals.And read our new posts.

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