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You dreamed of coming to Asia forever, do the research and have the perfect spot chosen.Well, I’m here today to give you the lowdown on how to make the transition from working stiff to retired man or woman of leisure in Chiang Mai. If you really want to make this country your forever home there are a few things to remember and these will keep you from heading back to the States or England broke and with a black cloud over your head and soul.

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Now what?

So you have landed, what now? Did you get your housing set?How about that girl. Well here is the breakdown.

  1. Use a service like Chiang Mai Buddy, they will help you get:
  • Housing or connect you with an agent
  • Rent a moto bike
  • Get you a drivers license in country ( if you have a work permit)
  • Help with getting a bank account
  • Translation
  • Airport pickup
  1. Going to meet a woman, the quickest way to lose your money is to get a bar girl, DONT. Find a good, quality woman that is educated.
  2. Use the local Buses, not the tuk-tuks
  3. Never sign anything of value over to a GF, you will get fucked over.
  4. Don’t get tricked into thinking you can own homes here, you can’t
  5. Now, tourist attractions, there are many, enjoy all and remember to try not to pay the tourist fees, get that Thai Drivers license.
  6. Do You want a big home for less money? Move outside of the city, bring a trusted Thai friend and get a good realtor. Much cheaper, like 3,000 baht a month for a 2 bed, cheaper.
  7. Find friends to make, there are many groups here to make you feel at home
  8. Take Thai language course, if you plan on being here long term try to blend
  9. Don’t let the cops force you into a bribe, it happens, but stand your ground
  10. Ohh and stay away from the drugs!
  11. Medical, get insured.

So there you go a little post about getting started here. Long as you keep your nose clean, you will love living in the land of smiles

Be safe and have fun

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