Business Luxury Overdose: The City of Sydney

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and make a purchase, Grizzled Nomad will receive a small commission.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and make a purchase, Grizzled Nomad will receive a small commission.

Sydney Love

Contrary to the popular belief, business trips don’t have to be very exhausting and frustrating. Many business people are actually enjoying them to the maximum, thanks to the exclusive hotels, restaurants, night clubs and many other services that make such an experience unforgettable. Here are some tips on how to make your business trip to Sydney memorable by adding a touch of luxury to it.

Exclusive Hotels

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Your business trip to this amazing city definitely requires staying in an exclusive hotel after a long exhausting flight. Hotels such as Hilton, offer a business center, a fantastic spa, and a great dining and drinking experience with its fabulous bars and restaurants. It features a loft-inspired design that includes black bean timbers, the finest white cotton bedding, luxurious bathrooms and LCD TVs in every room. Besides that, its conference center is at your service for different meetings. Besides Hilton, there are much more 5-star hotels, such as Radisson Blu Plaza. It is nestled in the heart of the Sydney central business district (CBD), near the Sydney Opera House. Besides fabulous restaurants that offer the most exclusive cuisine, it features an indoor lap pool, steam room, and gym. Large guestrooms have flat-screen TVs, complimentary wireless Internet access, and breathtaking bathrooms.

Fine Restaurants

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Your business luxury overdose certainly needs some exquisite meals that will make the whole experience even more memorable. Bentley Restaurant & Bar is the home base of Brent Savage, one of Sydney’s few chefs who embraced molecular gastronomy. This marvelous restaurant offers innovative meals that feature European flavors which are taken to the new level. The Bridge Room, on the other hand, offers modern Australian cuisine which is tucked in somewhere between fine dining and bistro. The elegance of its décor is depicted in its dishes – you can expect food that is amazingly draped across your plate and beautifully decorated. Rockpool is another iconic restaurant in Sydney that redefines modern Australian cuisine. Besides that, it is home to Seb Crowther, who was awarded Sommelier of the Year.

Personal Butler Experience

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If you want to do something properly, you definitely need a butler. Stedmans Butler and Concierge Services are one of the greatest agencies of that kind in Sydney. They are providing highly skilled and experienced concierge staff to the corporate, retail and private sectors, which may be a great tool to impress your potential clients at different promotions, conferences, and exhibitions. Besides that, they offer pretty much everything you need. Your personal butler can meet and greet you at the airport, show you around the town, drive you wherever you need to go, help you pack, unpack, shop, and much more. You will certainly agree that having your own personal staff, at least for a little while, adds a touch of extravagance to your life.

Fabulous Nightlife

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You should know that exclusive night clubs are an absolute must when it comes to your luxurious business trip to Sydney. One of the most notable clubs is certainly Soho, which is the ultimate clubbing institution in this city. Featuring lighting installation and fabulous sound system on its two floors, this club represents a fusion of chic and relaxed atmospheres. It certainly attracts international celebs, which is why you should dress to impress in order to fit in. Besides that Red Door escort agency, noticed an increase in the number of business people who wanted services of that kind during their trip. Such agencies are becoming very popular among the wealthy clients who would like to enjoy in Sydney’s most famous clubs in the company of beautiful girls.
As you can see, Sydney is a very versatile city that has much to offer. If luxurious and exclusive places are your cup of tea – just go for it. You will not regret it because every dollar spent will definitely pay off.

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