My Burma Visa run on 10/2

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Every time that I go to the Burma border with Thailand outside of Chiang Rai bad things seem to happen. I don’t understand why I can go to any other place to get visa stamped to activate the next double visa stamp, why this always causes problems only there.

After having to deal with this at the Burma border 6 times now, I have made the vow never to that return there. Fudge them. Today we will explore why this seems to be the worst place to get hazed by corrupt border guards.

Now I understand the recent events this is sensitive subject, but to get messed with over a 1 year period in the same place is not a positive for any country and even worse for one trying to get more money from tourism.

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  1. Close to Chiang Mai
  2. Cheaper to get in n out
  3. No need to stay overnight
  4. Locals are in Flea Market mood, selling all the time.
  5. Burma, the people and the country are lovely.
  6. Temples are a must see in this gorgeous country.


  1. Border Guards don’t give a crap
  2. These people will on purpose give you the wrong exit stamp just to screw you.
  3. Has blocked me from leaving Thailand before because they didn’t like when my stamp finished.
  4. The thieves hang out on the Burma side trying to get your money.

burma photo

Basically, I have no love for this place. Avoid this Border crossing at all cost.The better course of action, dont get me wrong, its more money, but is to head to the Laos or Vietnams  Border. Less headache and you will not greet by the poor that want to get over on you. So remember, always be respectful, even if you know that something is wrong, because they can boot you out for good.

With that, as always be safe and have fun where you travel to in SE Asia.

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