How to travel well on a budget

Traveling can be an adventure. Learning how to travel well on a budget takes patience, thought and the willingness to skimp on certain things. If you sit down and draw up what you want to see and do today and plan out exactly what you want to spend on your next vacation you can create […]

7 Insanely fun team building activities to do in London

When it comes to trying to find unique and fun building activities in London, there is no trouble finding something different for every day of the week. London can boast being packed with escape rooms, outdoor activities and cookery classes along with many other team building events. Trying to pick out the most interesting things […]

Next Adventure: Travel after 30

The stigma that is associated with people who travel after the age of 30 is still strong even though we live in the age, time and place of technology. I’m hoping that by starting this blog I can help show the way to people that those of us to travel after age 30 have as […]

How Mobility and IoT Solutions are Impacting Travel Industry

Tech-savvy all over the world have experienced the inclusion of mobility and IoT technology in almost every industry, Travel industry not at all escaped from it. Huge appreciation belongs to the contribution of Smartphone that has evolved the trend of mobility solutions in terms of distinct mobile apps. As per the latest survey of eMarketer, […]

Pai Thailand : The less known Mountain Gem

Pai is a city that I never thought I would really want to go to because it’s out of the way and not really something that I’ve heard much advertisement about here in Thailand. But my wife and family decided they wanted to go on vacation so we planned it out and we went and […]