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The Adventure Begins

Thai Food photo

So I know that most people in America today see that our collective guts are expanding. After moving to Thailand 11 months ago I started to see that I was losing weight just by changing my food intake. So here I will give you a step by step Guide how I went from 255 pounds US to 218 Pounds US in 11 months just by changing to a Thai Diet.

Here we go.

Rice, yes it is full of starch, but it is also a  good filler for the other junk you would normally eat.

  1. Soups, never really thought of soups as a daily addition to coming here. You would be surprised how many different types of soups there are here.
  2. Lean Chicken or beef, you can still eat that good stuff if you eat a leaner less fatty version.
  3. Here’s a biggy, salt, cut down on the salt intake a lot, I stopped having it in my house altogether. Will cut the temptation out, Salt adds water weight, you will see you face less bloated when you cut the salt down.
  4. Walking, there is some much to do here you walk a lot, so in that spirit, walk a little each day to get a few more pounds offs.
  5. Stop eating out at fast food as much, this is a no brainier anywhere. Here is about no or low cash flow, but the rule applies anywhere. I have noticed the American version of fast food is way faster and taste better, which makes you want more. Don’t do it.
  6. Vegetables seem like I eat them every day now. Go get an apple a day, start small, but see what happens when you eat a veggie or fruit a day.
  7. Fish, I hate it with a passion, was a commercial fisherman for 6 years, so no, But fish is a really good source of the good fats your body needs. Even I eat fish once in awhile.
  8. And here is a good one that I think is good for everyone, travel, gets you out and you get to experience something new.

Thai Food photo

So that was my 9 tips to lose a little bit of weight and if you follow the basics of what I said, You will see common sense and little hard work will see the pounds drop. Until next time read this and have fun, be safe.

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