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Adventure awaits

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Coming to the land of smiles? Learn the ins and outs of living here from ann American who has been here for 1 year now. Don t come here with a preformed image of Asia and Thailand, Be open minded about learning and seeing new things. Being from Texas, I have seen many different cultures growing up. Having a Philippino stepmother and living in a Cambodian neighborhood gave me the worldview I hold and why I love Asia the most. So having said that you see that I am a little biased to this Area. I will give you the best tips I used to get started here long term.

The Don’ts:

  1. Come with the mindset that Thailand is in a transition phase. Laws are changing constantly with the military in charge.
  2. Don t speak badly about the royal family.
  3. Don t bad mouth Buddhism or pat a Thai person on the head.


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Things to know:

Now that we have nasty stuff out of the way lets get to the day to day stuff.

  1. Rent a studio, they are furnished, much cheaper than a hostel or hotel.
  2. Eat like a local, go to Sunday market, farmers markets.
  3. Relies on the poverty level here, bribes will happen, there are shady cops here, be careful.
  4. Buy your electronics outside of Thailand, the import fees here are huge.
  5. Most cell service here is 3G, be ready for slow service.
  6. Understand health standards are different here, Having said that if you feel uncomfortable find a cleaner restaurant. Also, peanuts are a lot of things here, watch out.
  7. Look out for scams,  ATM card skimmers, shady taxis, even restaurants may try to pull a fast one.


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