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A Summer Job


When I first moved to Seattle I had a bad time, got fired from the job I moved across the country for. My solution, bust my butt looking for a summer job since I had decided Seattle was my new home. I have been traveling in one way or another since I was 17. I want to give you a little view into how if you want, you can make a few thousand dollars in a couple of months during the summer in Alaska. It’s hard work, I know I did it full time 6 1/2 years, but the money you save and make is worth the hard work.So here is a guide to get you started on making extra cash.

  1. Online research is a good first step
  2. Contracts start in June, so be ready, usually, run until August.
  3. Recruitment starts in December, so best bet if you really want the job is hit all the places 6 months ahead of the start date, meaning you need to be in Seattle, the home base for most of the fishers and crab boats for Alaska.
  4. Remember this is 16 hours a day, hard work, but you get paid by the hour 9 Dollars I think now, or if you work on a percentage boat like I did sometimes you get a higher profit cut of the catch.
  5. Bring plenty of closes, hats, the warm stuff
  6. From Seattle to wherever you get sent by the company, you will get your airfare paid to and from Seattle, don’t let them say otherwise.
  7. Expect to makes about 2,800 USD a month, but again could be higher .thats at 8.50 an hour.
  8. If you love animals bring your camera, lots of wildlife out there.
  9. Get a direct deposit account, i.e. a bank account before you leave to work in Alaska, fewer problems and your money is safe.
  10. And remember, you will be working with people from all over the world, make friends and be nice to them.

alaska photo

Helpful websites to get you started:

Clipper Seafood’s

Ohara Alaskan Fishing

As always I until next time has fun and be safe. Be sure to check out our latest post like, Moving to another country 5 quick tips for expats


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