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The last Frontier

Lampasas, Texas

The state of Texas has some of the largest land areas in North America. Going there is like stepping into a different country, in fact, Texas is only 1 or 2 states that were there own country before becoming part of the united states, Hawaii being the other. See why like me, you should make Texas a stop on your trip around America.


The Alamo

  • In downtown San Anation, the Alamo has many parts in the state’s history, but the most famous are the battle that helped win the independence from Mexico.Fort Worth
  • General Santa Anna was defeated after this battle by Sam Houston
  • Main Visitors Point today

Fort Worth

  • Cowtown as its called was a major cattle waystation used in the 1870s to feed the nation.Now you can see rodeos and head to the cowboy and western museums.
  • This city, not Dallas, at one point, was the fastest growing city in Texas due to cattle and the trains.

houston photo


texas photo


  • Capital of Texas
  • Named after Stephen F Austin, Given this area to settle by the Mexican government
  • Austin is the center of Tech in the state.
  • Is the most Liberal place in the state, oddly mostly Democratic in a mostly Republican state

There are many things to do in this large state

  • Horseback riding on the Chisam Trail
  • Water parks
  • Six Flags of Texas
  • Football games
  • Inner tubing down the Rio Grand
  • Visit the many ghost towns from the old western frontier days, lots of cool graves yards.
  • Home of American Airlines
  • More Military Bases then anywhere else in the United States

A few websites to get you started:

Travel Tex

Texas Vacations


Discover America – Texas

As you can see there are lots oof things to do and see here. So as always remember have fun and be safe. Please check out my out stuff like Traveling on a noodle budget

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