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The 6-month Tourist Visa that the Prime Minister approved and finalized this month, befitted the overall economy of Thailand , so he said .

What they dont tell people that all the excited people is the pitfalls of this new tourist visa.

We will go steps by step the pros and cons of this new one and why it is just another gimmick that he put out . If they ever really wants to improve income flow and have a strong Thai government, the prime minister needs to start cleaning house top to bottom.

Jail ALL corrupt officials, spend more on Universities , make sure the students get a fair education that can be trusted globally. Raise the daily min wage above 500 baht for the lowest wage earners. And lastly before getting back to the main topic, get rid of the people at the top that hoard all the wealth and power in this country.

How can you have change , if allow the same money hungry people that run the country in the shadows.

This would be a start to your country becoming a dominate player in the world scene .So on to the main topic, here is the pros and cons of the new Thai Tourist Visa.


Tourist Visa : Pros

  • 6 month Visa good for multiple in and out transits.
  • 2 months in country at a time.
  • 5,000 Baht
  • Go to immigration to extend and receive your 1 month stamp for 2,000 Baht.

And then , as with anything in life there is the negative or cons

Tourist Visa : Cons

  • You still have to do Visa runs to the border.
  • Still have to go to immigration every 2 months.
  • Cost is more then the current Double Visa stamp , which is 2,000 Baht
  • When you add up the cost , you are getting drained of Baht .

To me and the other people that really look at this inside and out , its just a attempt to patch the hole in the preventable damn, not a intelligent , nor cost effective solution .

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