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 Review of app service

About a month ago on Facebook, I was contacted by the team at Lynx, asking me if I would like to test out their new app and be in the new beta group of travel bloggers.The offer was one month of free support and access to the top tier product to help my site but also to have me help spread the word on this new conversion product.So after just under a month I will give a basic listing of the product here. I was going to do a pros and cons piece, but I haven’t seen any negative aspects to the product.They can be found at

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  • They have 4 price points that you can choose from, ranging from FREE to 99 bucks a month

With the support that I got on the 99 a month plan under the trail period that I was given, I would say go with the best plan if you can afford it.I was given 2 contact points for Facebook and they have a chat feature to contact them as well.

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  • There is a paywall- meaning that you can have premium content, like say a long article that gets lots of traffic and have people pay to read the whole thing.
  • The are 2 apps, the app which gives you a look at what your Word Press site will look like when turned into an app and the app that is made custom just for you.
  • BTW, this is a word press app, forgot to mention that before.
  • There is a push notification feature, which allows you to send people that downloaded your app new content notes.

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  • You can integrate Google Analise into the WP plugin
  • To get started you need to download the WP plugin
  • The plugin added with the preview app gives you a large amount of control of the app allowing for a decent amount of custom adds.
  • They are back to you within a few hours whenever you need help, adding a new Andriod icon or whatever you need.
  • This is available for both Apple and Andriod

Overall I have been very happy with the app.

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