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Pet Travel Tips

There comes a time when you as a traveler think that maybe it’s time for a little sidekick for the long road ahead. We, for me and Piranan, we found a rabbit of all things to be the cheapest, he is still a baby, but as far as rabbits go sounds and the usual of travel don’t scare him. This will be key if you want to have your pet with you on your global travels and be traveling with pets in general. So let’s break down the few pointers to a good travel buddy, people usually say dog, why not just find what makes you happy.

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Pet rules of thumb:

  • See if the airline will allow your service animal if that’s what it is to travel with you instead of in the baggage down below, less stressful for you both.
  • Get a calm animal that can travel in a pet carrier
  • Will be alright around people
  • If you need a sitter when traveling, research ahead of time local pet sitters.
  • Make sure they have all their shots and are fixed according to each countries laws, some will kill them if they deem the pet, not in code.

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  • Leash the pet or hold in public and remember to pick up the leavings.
  • Get a Microchip implant for Fido or meow.
  • Find a pet-friendly condo or apartment in your host country.
  • Remember in many countries there are strays that will fight with your pet when taking them for a walk, protect yourself and your pet with a nontoxic repellent just in case.
  • Only buy from registered pet supply stores because in many countries the producers will add crap to the food and toys to add weight which can be toxic.

So there you go a short list of things you should remember to do and have when thinking of bringing your beloved pet with you on the road. As always remember t be safe and have fun everyone.And remember to check out my other post about travel to help yu to get ready for your next big adventure.

Here are some helpful websites to get additional information.

Airline rules

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