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Whenever I am overseas, no matter what country I am in, after being asked where are you from, and I say America, You can see the wheels turning and all the things people assume about us. Americans are a different breed from others. So I figured why not show you what we are and also what comes to minds for most.

  1. That we are all opinionated, rude and loud.Granted some people at from the U.S. do or did until the resection felt entitled.
  2. Assume everyone one is a Christian or that they will push the god factor on you. This did happen at one time, yes. Gone are the days when we pushed hard to get people to think like us.
  3. My favorite and sadly mostly true, expecting everyone else to speak English. You have to remember, English is the only major language promote there and we don’t have school pushing foreign language courses in high schools.
  4. This one even my close friend Richard is guilty of when in a foreign country, they will not just take American currency. I have seen that happen to many times, Americans get mad because they were not prepared.
  5. If you do this one shame on you, comparing your life and living standards to that of the host country in front of someone from there. Don’t.
  6. Here’s one that irritates me, thinking that we all support every single thing that our government does, not all of us wanted to go to the middle east or any other place. Please don’t assume things.
  7. Not knowing different parts of the country, like in Texas where I am from when someone hears this, you get the, does shoot guns and ride horses.
  8. I have been personally insulted with this one, Europeans that I am friends with, tell me that the assumption is that Americans are stupid and uneducated compared with them. Not even close.
  9. That we are all fat, lazy and eat McDonald, Most people do work 40 to 80 hours a week in America, more than a lot of European countries, and being fat, there are a lot, But it has a lot to do with the fact that the US is becoming a more I.T., and service industry based country, less heavy industry .
  10. And finally just because we are from America does not mean we are rich as a lot of people assume in poorer countries, I don’t know how many times I have had people try to overcharge me because where I am from.

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So there you go, a few assumptions put to bed. Until next time remember to be safe and have fun. And check out my other post  ALASKA : SUMMER JOB FOR TRAVELERS .

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